Building Back the Empire

Raheem Foster. Canada

Anonymous said: You can either be a feminist or a Muslim. You cannot be both.


Ohhhhhh I’ve been waiting for the day someone would say this.

Dear anon,
When I claim to be a feminist, I am not one of those “white feminists” who want to liberalize everyone by forcing women to walk around naked. Islamic feminism is the opposite actually, because we PROTECT ourselves from the gawking and staring of sexist men.

Unlike white feminists, who are victims of femen (which btw was found by a man) we don’t give in to the reverse psychology of the patriarchy.
It’s really simple how it works: rich white guy tells women their only worth is their bodies, so logically these women want to show that their bodies are something men should get used to and thus walks round naked. Rich white guy wins.

Now in Islam we don’t let the rich white guy, or any other guy win for that matter. Rather than parading around naked, we show off our personality because that’s what ACTUALLY has value.
Just like we cover to protect ourselves from these sexist men, men in Islam are also commanded to lower their gaze and not stare at women.
Men are also told to grow out their beards, and to wear loose clothing as to not attract physical attention either.

Islam teaches us that men are not superior to women. Actually, we are taught that paradise is beneath the mothers feet, that your wife completes half your religion, and that the treatment of your daughter is what opens the gates to paradise.

The prophet also teaches men that “the best of you are those who are best to their wives”

And if you don’t believe all that, here’s a verse straight from the Quran: “O you who believe! You are forbidden to inherit women against their will.”
The same verse goes on to say “…live with them on a footing of kindness and equity” [noble Quran 4:19]

What you need to understand anon is that Islam TELLS men to deal with women as equals, to treat them with respect and honour and value them. The stories we hear these days about Muslim men are actually stories of men doing things AGAINST Islam.

Don’t look at Muslims to learn about the religion, look at the fundamentals of the religion to learn about it.

Islam does not allow a girl to be forced into marriage
Islamically a girl has to approve of the man before she is married to him, and the sheikh doing the marriage contract is supposed to ask her if she approved
Islam does not tell women they are inferior to men
Islam does not tell men to treat women as a lower class
Islam does not forbid women of being educated
Islam does not forbid women from driving
The list goes on and on

My point is all these sexist things you see come from old culture, and when you look into the religion, Islam is against it.

So anon, please educate yourself before you assume that Islam and feminism don’t work together because in fact they go hand in hand.

Also, don’t assume that white feminism is the only feminism.